Personal Development

Realizing the great need for the Black community to engage in business pursuits specifically, and economic development generally, and the fact that there are many members of the community that would like to start a business, the Eady Associates Empowerment Institute was founded under the aegis of the parent company. The founder further understood that in the Black community leadership is defined by activist and politicians; whereas, in other communities, the real power behind everything comes from the business community in service of their interests.

(The Empowerment Institute Opening Night)

Starting BUFNY with a meager eight thousand dollars, Mr. Eady grew the organization to over $100 million in assets. Realizing that God had given him knowledge, wisdom and vision to create and develop businesses and other organizations without large sums of money, Mr. Eady knew that he must now teach others how to do the same.

Additionally, Mr. Eady also understood that as other communities have done for years, there is a need to utilize other Black business leaders to teach and train sound business concepts, principals and development. Therefore, the company is bringing together Black business persons that will assist in providing leadership to those that are availing themselves to the wealth of knowledge that the institute is providing.

The Empowerment Institute is developing a variety of funding sources to assist its graduates in securing finances. Under separate contract, specialized and personalized technical assistance will also be available to graduates.

As Eady Associates grows and develops, many more services will be added which will give its graduates more knowledge and skills in the pursuit of personalized growth, which will increase overall potential for business success.
WHAT WE TEACH IS BASED ON THE 12 Universal Laws of Success

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