Corporate & Non-Profit Training & Development

mentorAfter twenty-five years of developing and building the Black United Fund of New York, Kermit Eady, founded Eady Associates in 2003. Eady Associates is a full service consulting company whose principals have years of combined training and business experience in the areas of for- profit and not-for-profit business development. The areas of specialization at Eady Associates include, but are not limited to, accessing payroll deduction markets, fundraising, computer systems and network integration, website design, motivational speaking, referral services for legal and financial services, and more.

The primary thrust of Eady Associates is to deliver the best consultation services resulting in empowerment at the individual and community levels, fostering the achievement of personal and/or business objectives in support of one’s vision. The success of this thrust brings about not only economic development, but networking and interlocking of resources and organizations, thereby creating a community support and delivery system.

The Power of Payroll Deductions

Rationale for a Reliable Revenue Source

As a person who pioneered in opening payroll deduction markets in public and private sectors
for the Black United Fund of New York, I, Kermit Eady, begin by saying to all 501(c)(3) tax exempt organizations, particularly in the Black community, that the best way to raise money in America and most countries around the world,  is through some kind of a payroll deduction plan. In America, the Federal government raised over 2.5 trillion dollars in taxes and voluntary US Savings Bonds from its population in 2006.

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Eady Associates
Corporate Development 
Professional Training Courses 

  • Communications Skills
  • Interviewing Skills
  • The Art of Public Speaking
  • Time Management
  • Customer Service Soft Skills
  • Effective Listening
  • Defining Personal Motivation
  • Determine company goals, create action plans and make the most of your tasks. Learn the role of positive self-communication and its influence in behavior and performance.
  • Overcome procrastination and implement strategies to counteract them.
  • Feel confident in your presentations by learning empowering communication techniques.

    As part of its Empowerment portfolio, Eady Associates offers premier Leadership, Communication and Staff Development training services. Improve the performance of your staff and/or enhance your own professional skills. Enhance company productivity and quality of work, increase employee motivation, and achieve business goals by accomplishing more with your resources.

    Let us help you to advance your knowledge and ensure your success!