keconstantIN THE FAST-PACED WORLD of today, information and knowledge are known power tools; and experience is a proven and most valuable resource. At Eady Associates, founded by Kermit Eady, who also founded the Black United Fund of New York, the companies principles have years of combined training and work experience in the areas of for-profit and non-profit business development, organizing human and financial resources, motivational speaking, housing/land development and management, accessing payroll deduction markets, fundraising, computer systems and network integration, computer end user training, web site design, financial systems and service, and more.


The company has within its network an array of expertise and support resources such as marketing, public relations, capital funding, media, architecture, construction, diversity management, international marketing, and more to provide the critical support needed for you and your organization. 

The mission of Eady Associates is to deliver the best consultation services that can help lead to your empowerment and the achievement of personal and business objectives in support of your vision and mission, which brings about networking and interlocking, thereby creating a community support and delivery system. 

There are also opportunities for business associate vendor/contractor relationships for those select qualified individuals or companies that can meet the criteria of Eady Associates.